This is why I hate people

I hate people. I do.

I used to keep a list of reasons to be happy and while that’s a very nice thought – it’s just not me. But a list of alllllll the reasons I loath other human beings? Right up my alley.

  • When you ask a simple question and it leads into 200 questions and or a lecture on what they think you’re doing wrong.
  • When people park on the street when there is still plenty of room on their driveway.
  • When people reply all to emails.
  • When people park close to stop signs.
  • When you wait for someone to back out because you’re being polite and then they take their fucking time.
  • When people act they can’t drive because they see a cop.
  • When you let someone in during traffic and they don’t even give you that thank you wave.
  • When you are standing in line and someone blatantly runs into you and doesn’t even offer an “I’m sorry” or an “Excuse me”.
  • When someone takes their sweet time at self checkout.
  • When there are a ton of machines but people opt to use the machine right next to you at the gym.
  • When people park like asshats.
  • When people are full of nothing but talk and false promises.
  • When people are selfish.
  • When people schedule time on your calendar and then don’t show up.
  • When people take a number, walk away and come back AFTER THEIR NUMBER HAS BEEN CALLED and act like they should get to skip the line. Naaaawww. The BMV wouldn’t allow that ish. PULL ANOTHER NUMBER BITCH!!
  • When people do anything outside that disturbs the peace before 9AM on a weekend.
  • When people (read: CHILDREN) talk back because they think they know.
  • When people ramble on and on and on and can’t just SAY WHAT THEY NEED TO SAY.