Confessions – 6th ed.


Happy 2017! If you’re like me – this is your first week back to work and if you’ve made it to Friday then CONGRATS on surviving your first week back in hell. If you accomplish nothing else this year then you’ve done that! I essentially took the month of December off so  you can imagine how I felt going to the office on Tuesday. YIKES!

If you are just joining the shenanigans – I like to confess shit. My husband, Mike, probably says I do this too much {I sense his eyes rolling right now}. I just put it out there. Kind of takes the weight off my shoulders and makes me feel just a little lighter. If you know me, I need to drop some serious weight so shedding even a little is a big help. Everyone likes to loose weight, am I right? So to start my 2017 blogging year – I wanted to get some things off my chest. What better way to do that than confess.

  • I’m a sucky gift giver. I never know what to get. It’s just really not my strength.
  • In my next home I will have a room with floor to ceiling shelves for books. I have dreamt of this since I was a kid. Most people dream of castles – I dream of libraries.
  • I hate the Kardashians. Everything about the. WITH A PASSION. There, I said it. Shun me.
  • My name is Sarah and I have a wrapping paper addiction. I LOVE to buy wrapping paper. Mainly Christmas (because it’s my favorite holiday) but if it’s a deal – I’ll likely buy it. I have problem and I might need help.
  • Don’t go into my office closet. It’s a scary place where I’m unorganized. I hide things there and shove things I don’t want to deal with or don’t know where to put. Beware.
  • For the first time in 5 years I am using my EC Life Planner differently and I have low-key anxiety about it. Because while I welcome change, it’s still super hard shit.
  • I don’t set resolutions. I set goals.
  • Personally, I think LuLaRoe is a fugly. Why are grown ass women trying to dress like Miss Frizzle? I don’t understand it? Riddle me this – $35 for leggings that you have to hand wash? And they have pizzas on them? No.
    • {Side note: I know people are going to hate for this confession. But it’s my confession so it’s okay. Also – I don’t care what people think.}
  • I started a new journal for 2017 without finishing my previous one. This goes against my journaling code of ethics but sometimes rules need to be broken.
  • Raw broccoli >>> raw cauliflower.
  • We watched Elf about 76 times this Christmas and it was glorious! Sadly, I didn’t get in one Home Alone marathon and I’m sad about it.
  • I don’t have a TV in my bedroom.
  • I’m over Bey.
  • I totally slacked on the Elf on the Shelf this year. Oops! Oh well. Simon the Elf will return to his ridiculous pranks Decemeber 2017.
  • There are people in the world who don’t like FRIENDS. This baffles me. Iconic 90’s television!
  • The ASPCA commercials with the cold puppies that get you to donate money piss me off.
  • I only take selfies in Snapchat.

These are my confessions.

Long live the Elf!

It’s Elf on the Shelf season. I know that most parents dread this since it’s really more work for them but I LOVE it! Our elf’s name is Simon and he’s always full of new surprises.

Sophia is 9.5 and has the memory of an elephant. She literally remembers every single thing that Simon has ever done. We are constantly searching for new ideas and find that “Oh we’ve done that” is the common theme. BUT since she’s older – Simon gets to be more sneaky/fun than ever. Bwahahaha!

Best of all – Sophia is terrified Simon will provide a bad report to Santa so during elf season she is on her best behavior. As in, I woke up this morning and she asked if there were any chores she could do… as she was folding her laundry. YES. You read that correctly. Volunteered for chores AND folding her laundry….WITHOUT being threatened to do it. HOLY SHIT! As parents it’s our duty to take advantage of this gift and manipulate our children to do what we want. Right? If you need help in this area I strongly advise referencing Baby Sideburns – How to PROPERLY use your Elf on the Shelf. She’s got brilliant ideas!

Here’s what Simon has been up to:

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So yes – I’m the exception and love elf season but can you blame me?  Parents everywhere should revel in this time of behavioral bliss from our children and take advantage of these few weeks. Oh and be sure manipulate the shit out of our children to get what we want for a short period of time.


Shop shop shop!


I did my Black Friday shopping online and found some pretty good deals at Target, Justice, Bath & Body Works, Kate Spade, American Girl and Old Navy. YAY! I put a HUGE dent in my list of things to get and I got to do it all in my pajamas on the couch. Now – that’s my kind of shopping!!

Thought I would share a few of the deals I used:

American Girl: Use GIFT20 to get 20% off!

Bath and Body Works: They have mix and match – buy 3 get 3 free on the entire store! Also use 10CANDLE to get a 3-wick candle for just $10 with a purchase of $35 or more. Use BBWNOV25 for free shipping on a $25 or more purchase.

Justice: 50% off the entire store, plus free shipping – use 826!

Kate Spade: Surprise 75% sale! Check it out!

Old Navy: HUGE sale – 40-60% nearly everything. Check it out!

PLUS I earned cash back on nearly ALL of my purchases using Ebates. Do you use Ebates? It’s easy – just activate cash back at all the normal places you shop and you earn CASH BACK. And it gets direct deposited into your PayPal account to use on whatever you want. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!??! If you’re interested – join Ebates now!

Are you shopping today? In store or online? What awesome deals did you come by?

*Please note: I was not paid or sponsored. Opinions are my own.*

Confessions – starting anew

If you’ve been with me a while – you know that I love to confess on my blog. It’s some unexplainable need to list my wrong doings and guilty pleasures. Since my pervious editions are gone (this is going to be an ongoing problem I feel) I’m starting my count over. It only seems right.


  • Last night I ate a stupid amount of Velveeta Shells & Cheese. I had some unexplainable hankering that I just had to fulfill. Mission accomplished.
  • Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year and I’ve been begging Mike to let me put up my Christmas decorations since November first. He wasn’t feeling the same level of enthusiasm about it as I was.
  • I refused to turn the heat on in the house…until the other night when it snowed a bit. I caved. The heat is on BUT it’s set to 66 degrees.
  • Laundry is the bane of my existence. I hate doing it. No. Not hate… I LOATHE doing it. I keep praying for the Laundry Fairy to show up to my house. Bitch hasn’t come yet.
  • Our dogs have been so naughty lately that the cat is becoming my favorite.
  • I have 15 more days of work left this year and then I’m off for the holidays. 🙂 #zeromotivation
  • To say that I am behind on Christmas shopping would be a gross understatement. I’m starting to FREAK OUT.
  • I ride to work in silence. I need those ten minutes of silence a day to keep me sane.
  • The Apple Watch has be jonesin’.
  • I’ve been secretly eating my kid’s Halloween candy…one piece at a time.

These are my confessions.