Happy Birthday to ME!!! {Please take a moment to sing HBD. 🙂 }

Today is day 6 of my birthday also known as my OFFICIAL day of birth. And this is a big one – I’m the big 3-0! THIRTY Y’ALL! It’s totally a huge deal. I know you’re expecting something profound about life, againg and blah blah blah. Most people shy away from aging but I on the other hand love it. I’m growing old married to a man who drives me crazy 89% of the time but whom I love dearly, with a spunky and creative little girl who keeps me on my toes, my family around the corner – literally, my best friend by my side every step of the way, amazing friends in my life, doing a job that challenges me but I like most days and learning something new every day. Oh and I have the cutest fur babies ever. What more could I ask for? It’s milestones like this that make you realize how lucky we are, how many blessing we have our lives and how thankful we should be. Sure I have my days – don’t we all? But all in all I’m one very lucky girl!

June is by far one of my favorite months. So far there have been birthday dinners, generous gifts that I am totally undeserving of, thoughtful cards and texts, birthday pedis and so much more to come! I can’t wait!! I’m brimming with excitement at what the next twenty-four days have in store.

They say life begins at thirty. While I think that’s exciting – I respectfully disagree. My life began a while ago. The first several years helped define me – molded me as a wife and mother –  but life really took off at 19. I would amend the statement to say – a new part of your story begins at thirty. There will be new adventures, new challenges and I’m sure I’ll need a hip replacement soon. But I’m ready. I fumbled my way through the first thirty fairly gracefully. Deceivingly put together. So by that logic – I can do it again. Whatever life is going to throw my way – I can handle. Bring on the next thirty!