Reasons to be Happy

Here I will post a running list of all the wonderful things that make me happy! 🙂 And not the obvious like my family. DUH they make me happy… most days anyway. Specific things that fill me with joy!

What are some of your reasons to be happy? Here are some of mine.

  1. Unprompted hugs from my not so little girl.
  2. When my husband randomly tells me he loves me.
  3. Puppy kisses.
  4. The feel of clean sheets.
  5. A warm blanket from the dryer.
  6. Super cold ice water to drink.
  7. Finding the super salty Chipotle chips in the bag.
  8. Crispy bacon.
  9. Fresh frost on the lawn.
  10. When the house is decorated for Christmas.
  11. Snuggling by a cozy fire.
  12. Sunday napping.
  13. The smell of my husband.
  14. The smell of puppy paws.
  15. Harry Potter movie marathons.
  16. Collecting shells from the beach.
  17. The smell of the ocean.
  18. The feeling of accomplishment when you finally finish reading a book.
  19. Completing an entire journal.
  20. Rainbow sherbet.
  21. Trees when they start to change color in the Fall.
  22. Sweaters that wrap around you.
  23. Fruit smoothies.
  24. Smiles from strangers.
  25. Hazelnut coffee.
  26. Watching “older” couples.
  27. Collecting postcards from around the world.
  28. Fun coffee mugs.
  29. Family vacations
  30. Binge watching SVU.
  31. Ester Price milk chocolate caramels.
  32. Finding rainbows.
  33. Fall asleep to the sound of rain.
  34. When your song comes on the radio in the car.
  35. Driving with the windows down on cool day.
  36. McDonald’s Diet Coke.
  37. Conversations with my best friend – verbal, IM, text, telepathic…via any format.
  38. When my hair curls perfectly.
  39. The smell of Thanksgiving.
  40. Brand new glasses.
  41. A pedicure.
  42. Spoon rings.
  43. Having full emoji conversations.
  44. When celebrities or shows you love RT or follow you on Twitter.
  45. Glazed donuts from Bill’s.
  46. Homemade mashed potatoes.
  47. Finding new books to read.
  48. Cold, ripe watermelon.
  49. Nutella and bananas.
  50. Watching romantic comedies with my husband.
  51. Getting letters from friends.
  52. Binge watching anything with my spouse.
  53. Late night runs to Taco Bell.
  54. Learning a new language.
  55. That new baby smell.
  56. Putting on clean PJs after you shower.
  57. Breaking the yolk on an over easy egg.
  58. Riding to work in complete silence.
  59. New weight loss milestones.
  60. Exercising and not wanting to die.
  61. Sugar free popsicles.
  62. Watermelon and feta cheese – together.