Confessions – 9th ed.


Ever feel like you just need to get shit off your chest? Same. Here are some things I just have to say.

  • I sometimes wonder what I will be known for. Other than excellent curly hair – I don’t think it’s much.
  • I didn’t get the job I interviewed for, for nearly a month. I was sad, angry, I ate chocolate and got sick. And now I think I’m just numb.
  • Finding THE PERFECT phone case takes research and patience. And a lot of returning.
  • I’ve become a bit obsessed with cleaning things out of my house. The purge of trash is sooooo gratifying. I recently cleaned my Monica closet… (a post for another time).
  • I’m officially transitioning out of Scentsy. THE HORROR!!!!!!! I used to sell it so know that there are still things I love and warmers I will have forever (like my ‘Tis the Season one that counts down till Christmas) but lately the scents just having been what they used to be.
  • I splurged and bought myself a new iPhone (long overdue). And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my phone. But I have tremendous “mom guilt” over spending money on myself.
  • I’ve begun Christmas shopping already. In fact I bought my first present of the year in July. 🙂
  • We are experiencing a hormonal phase with my daughter that, honestly, I don’t know how to deal with. I don’t know how to parent her. I’m too nice, too firm, too loud. I can’t figure out the right parental cocktail. IT’S STRESSING ME OUT.
  • Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays. The only thing I enjoy are the Pumpkin Reese’s and watching Hocus Pocus. That’s it.
  • Image result for too much gifOn that same note – I am convinced only Dwight people {in my neighborhood?} actually decorate for Halloween. And some take it too far. I was driving to work the other day and noticed one house with a body wrapped in clear plastic hanging from their tree.
  • I don’t think grown ass kids should be allowed to Trick-or-Treat. And when they show up to my door asking for candy – NOT EVEN IN A COSTUME – I find them incredibly irritating.
  • We are expected to have a blustery Winter and I am HELLA EXCITED!
  • Totally disappointed in the new curly-haired emoji. I mean I’m glad I have it. Just wish I could express myself with other curly hair emojis too. What? Us curly-haired folks only get one look? RIDICULOUS.
  • How do you tell someone you love that you don’t want them to drive your kid anywhere ever again? Yeah. I don’t know either but I am going to have to soon and it’s going to be a shit conversation.
  • I’m binging ER on Hulu and it’s AMAZING. Best medical TV drama in the history of TV dramas. Grey’s people – don’t even start. I will fight you.


These are my confessions.