I hate people. It’s a known fact. Don’t act like you don’t know. I’ve shared this before so don’t be all surprised or offended.

Those who don’t actually know me are like, “But why, Sarah? Why do you hate people?” THERE ARE SO MANY REASONS!!! I knew I couldn’t capture them all in just a post. It’s an impossible task. So, I’ve decided to chronicle them via Twitter using #thisiswhyihatepeople. I feel it’s the only way for me to really keep a running list of alllll the reasons. Feel free to follow along and engage.

I realize people use this hashtag on Twitter to air their grievances and that’s fine. But I have a distinct purpose. Defining a list of all the reasons I hate people. SO THERE.

Not going to lie – it’s kind of liberating to get it out there. People need to know why they suck. Am I right or am I right?