I want all the cheeseburgers!!!

I recently read a post by Norah Bennett (check her out here) where she talked about all the bad but yummy food she can’t live without. I loved it! I’m sick of people telling me to eat healthy and shit. Screw that! I only get to live once and if I am going to be on this Earth than I’m going to eat whatever the hell I want.

So here’s the list of all the I-can’t-function-without-this food:

  • Diet Coke – I know I know. It’s going to kill me.But we are all dying really so I’m over it.
  • Milkduds, Now&Laters, Reese’s cups (shapes are my fav) and KitKats. – GIVE ME ALL OF THEM.
  • Along those line – I’m a sucker for carmels and turtles.
  • Honey BBQ Mike Sells – Yes. Yes. YES.
  • Planet Smoothie – Let’s be honest. They are the best.
  • Homemade (as in the brand) Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – all day, every day.
  • BREAD – As my ass will show you, I love bread.
  • Potatoes both mashed or baked – For mashed.  I like them homemade, creamy, and lumpy… really I like them best when I make them but beggars can’t always be choosers. As for baked – ALL OF IT. BRB, drooling.
  • Cheeseburgers – I love love love me a good cheeseburger. With all the goodies on it – lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup and mayo. YUM. I WANT ALL THE CHEESEBURGERS.
  • Vanilla cones from McDonald’s – Best dollar you’ll ever spend!

What are some of the yummy bad foods that you just can’t live without? TELL ME! I may need to add to my list. 🙂

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