Confessions – 4th ed.


  • Close talkers. I loath close talkers. If I can feel the heat of your nasty ass breath on me – you are too damn close. Back the fuck up! And why is there a need to get that close? I don’t understand it. Just stop.
  • I’m struggling through a book that Mike suggested to me. In most cases – I would probably abandon ship and read something else. BUT I know if I don’t finish it he will never talk about books with me again. And I just can’t have that.
  • Sometimes I find being an adult entirely overrated and would give anything to be 10 again with zero responsibilities.
  • I will penny pinch, coupon, nickel and dime but I will never forego my pedicures. A girl has standards.
  • Soft boiled eggs are my new favorite thing!
  • I’m starting to get into the Romance genre. I recently read R.I.L.Y Forever by Norah Bennett and it ROCKED! If you haven’t grabbed  your copy – you need to read it. But what Romance authors or books do you really like? Just curious.
  • We are having several rooms in the house painted. They need it! But in all honesty – I don’t want to invest more in this house. I just want to buy a new house. 😦 I don’t think that’s in the cards for us… at least not for another three-ish years. Until then…
  • My Sophia broke her hand and we had to make tough parenting decisions about her going to gymnastics camp… well NOT going to gymnastics camp actually. Sometimes being a parent kind of stinks.
  • I drop my phone on my face sometimes – okay a lot – when I’m in bed. There – I admitted it. Abby from Twist Me Pretty (check out her blog – I adore her!) snapped this thing she was using called a Pop Socket. LIFE CHANGING!! I bought one and a clip for my car and it’s amazing. I got mine on Amazon but I think you get more options from their website. Check ’em out here!
  • School starts soon and we will have a big 5th grader! I’m excited for Soph! But completely and entirely dreading back to school shopping. I hate the mall. Everything about it. Ugh. Maybe I can teach her the perks of online shopping. 🙂
  • We weren’t able to take a vacation this summer. No vacation till November. OMG. I might die between now and then. I DON’T THINK I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!!!


These are my confessions.

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