My favorite things – November 2015

These are a few of my favorite things from November that I just had to share.

App: Spotify

UnknownI love my Spotify! I pay a small fee a month and can listen to all the music I want. AND – Spotify makes weekly mixes for me based on the music I’ve like and listen to. Also – they have new playlists for every day of the week and even by mood. I love Mood Booster Radio when I’m in a funk and Deep Focus when I’m working on a project at work.

Food: Corn Pudding 

Have you ever had corn pudding at City BBQ? It’s so frickin’ delicious. It’s like corn bread meets bread pudding but not in a gross way. This Thanksgiving I didn’t just want to make plan ol’ corn so I found this easy recipe for corn pudding on a Taste of Home. The directions were easy and the dish turned out great! Definitely going to be making it again and again throughout the winter.

Game: Mahjong

Totally retro, I know. But it’s relaxing and helps me clear my head sometimes when things are crazy. Great for a break at work or in the evening before bed. You can play online for free at the above link.

Household item: Tide Pods 

I will never do my laundry without Tide Pods. I tried them a while ago because they were a A1-gOVqi2GL._SY355_better deal than my usual liquid Tide. I did the math in the aisle at Target and figured the pods were a better bang for my buck. Then I got home and used them – LIFE CHANGING. They are so easy and I can teach my kid to do laundry now since there is no pouring involved. AND they make my clothes smell AMAZING. I will forever be doing laundry because my crew is notorious for putting anything and everything in the hamper. Pretty sure I will die in the laundry room but Tide Pods make my life easier so I love them. PS. I’ve found that the best deal for these is at SAMs Club. You get 120 pods for $24.98 (see above link).

cover170x170Music: 25 by Adele 

“Hello. Can you hear me?” I got that song stuck in your head, didn’t I? Who doesn’t love this woman? She’s amazing and her long awaited album is TO DIE FOR. If you don’t own this – go buy it now!

Store: Ollie’s Bargin Outlet 

Olliolliee’s is a better version of Big Lots – better brands, better prices. I’ve found the greatest little gifts for those random family members you have to buy for from there. And it’s all budget friendly and legit name brands. I think I’m going to go back and get teacher gifts from there too. Can’t beat a good deal!


Do you have some favorite things you would like to share? Comment below with your favorites or link to your favorite things post.

Shop shop shop!


I did my Black Friday shopping online and found some pretty good deals at Target, Justice, Bath & Body Works, Kate Spade, American Girl and Old Navy. YAY! I put a HUGE dent in my list of things to get and I got to do it all in my pajamas on the couch. Now – that’s my kind of shopping!!

Thought I would share a few of the deals I used:

American Girl: Use GIFT20 to get 20% off!

Bath and Body Works: They have mix and match – buy 3 get 3 free on the entire store! Also use 10CANDLE to get a 3-wick candle for just $10 with a purchase of $35 or more. Use BBWNOV25 for free shipping on a $25 or more purchase.

Justice: 50% off the entire store, plus free shipping – use 826!

Kate Spade: Surprise 75% sale! Check it out!

Old Navy: HUGE sale – 40-60% nearly everything. Check it out!

PLUS I earned cash back on nearly ALL of my purchases using Ebates. Do you use Ebates? It’s easy – just activate cash back at all the normal places you shop and you earn CASH BACK. And it gets direct deposited into your PayPal account to use on whatever you want. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!??! If you’re interested – join Ebates now!

Are you shopping today? In store or online? What awesome deals did you come by?

*Please note: I was not paid or sponsored. Opinions are my own.*

Confessions – starting anew

If you’ve been with me a while – you know that I love to confess on my blog. It’s some unexplainable need to list my wrong doings and guilty pleasures. Since my pervious editions are gone (this is going to be an ongoing problem I feel) I’m starting my count over. It only seems right.


  • Last night I ate a stupid amount of Velveeta Shells & Cheese. I had some unexplainable hankering that I just had to fulfill. Mission accomplished.
  • Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year and I’ve been begging Mike to let me put up my Christmas decorations since November first. He wasn’t feeling the same level of enthusiasm about it as I was.
  • I refused to turn the heat on in the house…until the other night when it snowed a bit. I caved. The heat is on BUT it’s set to 66 degrees.
  • Laundry is the bane of my existence. I hate doing it. No. Not hate… I LOATHE doing it. I keep praying for the Laundry Fairy to show up to my house. Bitch hasn’t come yet.
  • Our dogs have been so naughty lately that the cat is becoming my favorite.
  • I have 15 more days of work left this year and then I’m off for the holidays. 🙂 #zeromotivation
  • To say that I am behind on Christmas shopping would be a gross understatement. I’m starting to FREAK OUT.
  • I ride to work in silence. I need those ten minutes of silence a day to keep me sane.
  • The Apple Watch has be jonesin’.
  • I’ve been secretly eating my kid’s Halloween candy…one piece at a time.

These are my confessions.

Three years gone…

I love to write. And in the last three years I would say I have written the occasional damn good post. BUT…I lost all that content. 😦

Unfortunately, I was using a third party company for my web-hosting and they decided to rob me a large sum of money (at least for me) without warning. We didn’t see eye to eye on the whole thing. When I canceled my service and they sent me all my files in a zip and so far it’s just a mumbo jumbo mess. 😦 Three years of decent blogging… gone.

I’ve bitched. I’ve complained. I’ve mourned. Now I’m just trying to move forward.

I considered starting fresh somewhere else. BUT… I love The Bluntest Blog and I’m not willing to give up on it just because someone shit all over my bloggy dreams.

So…I’ve decided to push through the pain and write on.